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School Security

Middlesex High School security policies and systems in place: 

All doors remain locked throughout the day.  Any visitors must ring the doorbell and be buzzed in before entering the building. Staff has been trained to identify any abnormalities in the school and what actions to take in an emergency situation.

Once a month we practice various emergency situations. Once a marking period, administration meets with all students and reviews emergency procedures. A monthly faculty meeting includes security training components. The Middlesex Police Department is a regular observer of our drills which include post drill reflections. The security drills are evolving to become more and more unpredictable as to allow us to prepare for all kinds of situations. The drills are taken extremely serious by staff and students.                           

In addition, parents, we ask that all of you be as aware as possible by not allowing anyone to “piggy back ” into the building after you.  Simply put, if you do not specifically recognize someone as a parent or faculty member, do not allow them access into the building with you.  Instead, politely ask them to use the doorbell and wait for assistance.  I am certain everyone will understand. 

Students should not arrive to school earlier than 7:40 a.m. At that time, the students should use the following entrances: the main door, library door 5 and the gym entrance from the rear parking lot. The school day ends at 3:00. At that time, all unsupervised students should be off school grounds.  Students who attend period zero will follow their designated time schedule. Those students who are involved in athletics will follow their coaching schedule.

Below are some tips from the National Association of School Psychologists for talking to children about violence in schools and society.  Please see their website www.nasponline.org for additional info: